Thursday, March 3, 2016

Looking towards 2016

DCE Motorsport are pleased to announce they will be back this season for Time Attack 2016.

The season kicks off at Cadwell Park in April and DCE Motorsport have a whole load of new supporters to tell you about!

With only a couple of months until the season us underway, preparations are the car are at full throttle and Will and the team can't wait to get the Vauxhall Astra back on track and see what we've got for the season.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Time Attack Round 5- Silverstone and Trax

After another close fought battle at Cadwell Park, the team had taken it easy before round 5.

The event was run alongside the annual modified car event Trax, at the infamous Silverstone Circuit, Tine Attack's second visit this season.

Warm up went well on a fairly busy circuit, and Will was keen to tackle the circuit in very different conditions to the teams last visit.

The warm weather just kept coming meaning that everyone was flexing their engines and putting down some great times.

However when practice began it was clear there was something wrong with the car.

It was down on power and the red DTUK Astra was running very hot.

R n D Motorport got straight on the issue, trying to find out what it could be.

Unfortunately they were unable to work their magic and the decision was taken to not run in qualifying, just in the final and take as many points from the event as possible.

Feeling positive about getting some good points, Will went into the final planning to go all out.

However after just a few laps the car dropped to 3 cylinders and a decision was made by the team to call it a day.

It was a huge blow to the team and everyone left feeling very disappointed and with a big concern that it was terminal for the engine and potentially game over for a DCE Motorsport championship position.

Sine the event R n D Motorsport have taken the car apart and found out the cause was the head lifting after the boost had been wound up.

It was a lesson learnt, and the head bolts have been replaced with strengthened ones so that the car can be ran at high boost for the final at Brands Hatch in a couple of weeks.

As ever it was amazing to have the support from the AON Crew, especially the Welsh Dragons and Wills's youngest fan who left him this....

Dan, Mark and Andy provided their unwavering trackside support, and never gave up on a very difficult weekend and have put everything into the car for the final.

And as we head towards the last round of Time Attack 2014 we must thank all of our sponsors who have kept us going this season; DTUK, Owen Developments, Bush Tyers, CM Composites,  Forge Motorsport, Millers Oils, OpenTrack and of course R n D Motorsport.

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Photos courtesey of Rich Sams

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Time Attack Round 4 - Cadwell Park

Still high on round 3's success, the team headed to their local circuit at Cadwell Park for round 4 of Time Attack UK.

The 'mini Nurburgring' is a favourite track amongst drivers and spectators alike, and it isn't hard to see why.

For once the track was basking in sunshine and all of the Time Attack entered were looking forward to hitting it hard in the first dry round of the season.

Since round 3 the Vauxhall Astra (and it's driver) have been on a diet, looking every scrap of unnecessary metal. to make sure that the team can pick up a few more of those all important seconds and of course points.

With the support of the Astra Owners Network all the way from Scotland and of course Andy, and Dan and Mark from R n D Motorsport the team were all well prepared for another exciting day.

Warm up and practice went smoothly, the biggest issue was just finding space on track and getting grip, for once because it was so hot rather than wet!

It was clear by the end of practice that the car was running the best it ever has, all of the small problems forgotten giving Will the scope to push himself and the car.

Qualifying went well, with Will leading the time for Club Front Wheel Drive for more than half the session. In the end the team finished second in qualifying, a great start to the day and the hunt for points.

The final was more of the same, with Will managing to push the car even more, taking another full second out of his time.

However it was not enough to repeat the last rounds performance and will less than half a second separating him form first place, Will took up the second place spot on the podium, boosting those all important points.

With only 2 more rounds to go, the team are keen to collect as many points as possible.

Once again a huge thanks to: DTUKOwen Developments, CM Composites, Open Track, AON and of course R n D Motorsport for their continued support.

See you at Silverstone!

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Time Attack Round 3 Snetterton

It has been a whirlwind couple of rounds for DCE Motorsport's Time Attack Team.

Back in July the team headed over to Snetterton Circuit for round 3, the half way point of the season.

Up until now competition has been stiff in the Club Front Wheel Drive class, and everyone has to step up their game.

The DCE Motorsport Vauxhall Astra has had it fair share of niggling problems as R n D Motorsport have continued to develop the car throughout the year.

Round 3 began very wet, however this is England and the red Vauxhall driver Will Watson is no stranger to a damp track.

Snetterton was not the best round for the team last year. A trip off the black stuff ripped off one of the famous front splitters, and knocked the teams confidence and the team finished in 3rd, their lowest finish all season.

It soon looked like Snetterton was going to be another difficult round. There was a misfire in the first session which the team couldn't find any cause for.

However they managed to fix it, and the team went into qualifying feeling positive.

Will felt that he had really pushed during qualifying and the team were disappointed with only a 6th place finish.

Not to be beaten Will took some advice from 3 times Front Wheel Drive Champion, Bo Nielsen and headed back out on track determined to beat his previous time.

The amount of entries meant that the track was busy, and everyone was struggling for space.

As the session finished, Will came back into the pits, and as the team were missing their normal time keeper, no one knew the results, but Will felt that it wouldn't have been enough.

It wasn't until another competitor came over to congratulate Will that it dawned on the team that not only had he taken an astonishing 6 seconds out of his qualifying time, he had won the final, the teams first win Time Attack!

Everyone at DCE Motorsport would like to thank all of our sponsors for their continued support throughout the season.

Each round would not be the same without the company of DCE's finest supports in the members of the Astra Owners Network, R n D Motorsport and of course the teams family and friends.

Now in 5th place overall in the championship, the team are determined to bring everything to the next three rounds and make everyone proud to be part of the team.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Round 2- Knockhill

A couple of weekends ago the DCE Motorsport founds themselves heading to Scotland for Round 2 of the Time Attack 2014 Championship.

Anyone who knows Knockhill circuit will confirm that the experience of this circuit is worth every hour of driving to reach it.

It may always be cold but it is a fast circuit, encouraging sub minute laps and is certainly one the spectators enjoy.

After a rocky start to this years campaign, the team were keen to make their mark on the championship at Knockhill. A little bit of tweaking meant the car was perfectly set u for the wet and Will soon proved how confident he was feeling setting some great times in very difficult conditions. 

Saturdays testing didn't start off as well as it could as the car started making noises and wasn't running as well as it should be. After coasting in a lifting the bonnet the team found that the waste gate branch had completely snapped off. 

Fortunately with a bit of late night welding, the guys managed to get it fixed and the team were able to get a reasonably early decent nights sleep.

Race day was dark and grey, just as expected for Knockhill!

After setting a 1.11 in a very wet warm up, the times started to get better and Will posted a 1.07 in practice.

Qualifying was still wet, but as the track started to dry up, those with dry tyres were able to push their cars harder than the DCE Motorsport Astra that was still running on wets. 

Will still managed to finish a very impressive third in qualifying with a time of 1.06.137, just less than a second off the fastest FWD  car. 

Ready for a dry session for the final the V70s came out along with the sunshine and the team were ready.

As the session progressed, the red Vauxhall Astra's times were rapidly coming down.

However after just 5 laps Will stopped setting times, and then there was a red flag and the team waited anxiously to find out what was going on. 

As the cars lined up in the pit lane we saw the DCE Astra being towed in, but with no visible damage which is always a relief.

After meeting Will back at the pit lane, he explained that the car was just bringing to get warmed up and the new tyres scrubbed in when he losses all drive and was forced to coast onto the side of the track and watch the session until another competitor caused the red flag and stopped the session. 

The guys from R n D Motorsport were quick to investigate and found that a boost control hose had melted and initially thought that must have caused the loss of power.

On further investigation the DCE Motorsport team found that the MAF had also failed after possibly getting wet earlier on the day.

Even though he was disappointed Will was still positive about the day:

"It was really frustrating not being able to finish the session. The car felt really good and everyone had worked really hard and made a lot of effort to be there.

I am really pleased with times that I set and just wished I could have put in a hot lap!

We finished 6th and there was only about 1.5 seconds between us and 1st place!

The support from the Astra Owners Network was amazing once again, and none of this would have been possible without all the help from R n D Motorsport, Forge Motorsport, DTUK, Bush Tyres, Owen Developments and Opentrack Track Days."

The next round at Snetterton is a title closer to home on the 5th July and as always the team are moving forward with a positive attitude to bring it al together for Round 3. 

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 Pictures with thanks to Rich Sams and John Stewart - FlatOut Photography 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Round 1 Silverstone -Time Attack 2014

Round One of Time Attack 2014 saw DCE Motorsport hit the ground running. With a new title sponsor in DTUK and a slightly new look, it was time to see what the Astra VXR could do on the Silverstone International Circuit.

This year the Front Wheel Drive class has grown in popularity, from just three last year, to twelve for 2014!

And three of those are Vauxhall Astra VXR’s.

Warm up and practice saw the Will and the VXR finding their way around a new circuit, instantly setting competitive times on low boost , testing the power of the brand new Owens Turbo.

Qualifying was a difficult session as it began dry, but after the first few minutes there was a red flag. As the cars came in to line up and go out again, the slight drizzle, became more heavy, making the track damp meaning the chance to beat the fastest time in class had already passed.

 With so many club cars out at the same time, space could be an issue at times, meaning there was some three a breast action down the pit straight between Will and some of the other determined club class pilots. .

Before the final Dan and Mark from R N D Motorsport turned up the boost and check out the data logging, it was time to get back out on track for more Time Attack action.

 With a bit of pre session advice from former Club Front Wheel and Club Pro Two Wheel Drive Champion and fellow Astra VXR owner Bo Nielsen, Will decided on a new tactic and immediately set a personal best for the day, sending him to the top of the leader board for a while.

As the others caught up with his speedy start, DCE Motorsport dropped down into third place, and as the drizzle began again, it seemed unlikely he would be able to make up the less than a second that stood between him and second place.

With three minute to the end of the session, a chance to do two more timed laps,. Will came in to check tyres and times, and headed out again.

 Unfortunately as he headed out a pedestrian blocked the pit lane exit and he was unable to go around them as another time attack competitor was coming up the outside.

This lost Will valuable time, and as I am sure many drivers can relate, made him somewhat annoyed. A spin off the track ruined any hope of setting a final fast lap, and the DCE Motorsport team had to settle for a very respectable 4th place.

With Knockhill just around the corner, there is no rest for the wicked and Will and the DCE Motorsport Team are hard at work preparing to take on round 2.

A big thanks goes out to all of DCE Motorsport's Supporter and Sponsors for Time Attack 2014.

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Photos Courtesy of David Bayliss

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Millers Oils

                                                                                                Time Attack 2014 is just around the corner and DCE Motorsport have a new supporter to announce! 

Jason Lavender of Millers Oils is a familiar face in the Time Attack pits and has been kind enough to provide the team with some top quality oil.

Jason has been involved in Motorsport for years and feels that Millers really has the upper hand for performance cars: 

"With Millers latest technology we are proud to be sponsoring Time Attack with some of the most extreme cars in the world that push the boundaries. With our range of Motorsport Products we have something that can look after and protect those cars at theirs limits."